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Pre-announcement on the International Conference of “Academic Perspective on Education and Life Quality” and Paper Solicitation
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The international academic conference 2017 of Center for Studies of Education and Psychology of Minorities in Southwest China, the key Humanities and Social Sciences research base recognized by Ministry of Education, will be held during September 23-24, 2017. The theme of the conference is “academic perspective on education and life quality”, aiming to discuss the topics about improving education and life quality, to point out the relations between them and to look forward to the development and practice tendency of education and life quality theories under the new situations. The conference will study and discuss the relevant topics in the field by way of conference report, branch meeting forums and subject discussion etc. We have invited overseas  experts and scholars who are engaged in the relevant research or who are interested in the topic to attend the conference. Below are the relevant issues:


一、Conference theme: International Conference of Academic Perspective on Education and Life Quality.

二、Conference time: September 23-24, 2017. The participants are expected to check in in the hall of Guiyuan Hotel of Southwest University, Beibei District, Chongqing from 14:00 to 18:00 on September 22.

三、Conference venue: International College of Southwest University.

四、Organizers: Center for Studies of Education and Psychology of Minorities in Southwest China, Education College of Southwest University, Sports College of Southwest University, International College of Southwest University.

五、Participants: teaching and scientific research stuff of institutions of higher learning and scientific research academies from home and abroad, postgraduates.

六、Main topics:

1.         Study on education and life quality theory

2.         Study on traditional cultures and life education

3.         Study on special education and life quality

4.         Study on sports activities and life quality

5.         Comparative study on life eduction

七、Requirements for paper

1.         The topic of the paper could be relevant to the theme of the topic but it’s not limited to the topic only;

2.         The paper should be original and the proper total words of the paper should be 7000-8000;

3.         Typesetting should strictly comply with the paper typesetting rules released by the forum (Please refer to the attachment);

4.         Deadline: August 1, 2017. Please e-mail your paper to the email address below: yuehuluntan2016@163.com.

5.         Date for the result announcement: August 15, 2017

八、Relevant issues:

1.         There is no attending fee for the conference but the participants should bear the traffic fee by themselves. If your paper is adopted by us and you are invited, you do not need to pay for your boarding and accommodation; if you attend the conference voluntarily, you do not need to pay for your boarding but you should bear you accommodation fee.

2.         Please check the website of the Center: http://epc.swu.edu.cn/ for any details and updates about the conference.


Contact for participants of China: Yang Huilin 13883214398

Contact for overseas participants: Jiang Junru 13110211673

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Center for Studies of Education and Psychology of Minorities in Southwest China

Education College of Southwest University

Sports College of Southwest University

International College of Southwest University


May 18, 2017