The Center Held The Third Academic Salon for Graduates for PhD in the Spring Term
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At 19:00, on May 18, the center held the third academic salon of this term in the lecture hall of Yuehu Building. It is a feature of our center to hold the interdiscipline academic salon for graduates for PhD. Every graduate for PhD of the center should host the salon at least twice during their doctoral study and every month, the center would hold two interdiscipline academic salons for graduates for PhD. In the salon, the graduats would discuss with experts and scholars from different fields about their study results and investigation reports to get more enlightenments.

            This field investigation academic salon was hosted by Li Hongxun, a doctoral student. Professor Meng Fanjun from the foreign college of our university and the doctoral student Wei Fuan gave reports respectively. Professor Sun Zhendong, Professor Qiu Zhenglun, Professor Ni Shengli gave their reviews and comments on the reports.