Academic Lecture of Professor Wang Jian of Northwest Normal University: “Class Recording”—as A Way of Teaching Study
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At 16:30, on May 28, Professor Wang Jian, Distinguished Professor of “Yangtse River Scholar”, Director of the Center for Studies of Education Development of the Minorities in Northwest China of Northwest Normal University, was invited to our center for academic exchange activities. Professor Wang Jian gave a lecture about “Class Recording” to the teachers and students of our center. The name of the lecture “Class Recording” is originated from the two concepts of nation recording and race recoding. As the word “Recording” literally means making a record of, “Class Recording” is to make records during a class and the key word of it is “in-depth description”.

Professor Wang Jian’s lecture was mainly about three aspects. Firstly, the study essence of “class recording”; secondly, the way of study of “class recording”; lastly, the application of “class recording”.