The First Cooperation Meeting of the Research Team of “Ethnic Education Modernization ( including Education Economics and Management)”
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At 16:30, on June 7, 2017, the initiation meeting of the research team of “Ethnic Education Modernization (including Education Economics and Management)” ( hereinafter to be reffered as “the team”) was held in Center for Studies of Education and Psychology of Minorities in Southwest China ( hereinafter to be reffered as “the EPMSW Center ”). The meeting was hosted by Professor Zhang Xuemin, Director of the Center. There were over 20 attendees, including Professor Zhu Dequan, minister of the Pedagogy Apartment, Professor Chen Enlun, Deam of the Internet and Further-education College, Professor Yu Zeyuan, Deputy Director of the Pedagagy Apartment, main member representatives like Professor Yao Jiali, Professor Yang Ting.